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By Cisco/Flavio




Thank you for taking interest in me being your Personal Trainer/Instructor. I would appreciate the opportunity to work out a program for you.  Foremost, let me tell you a bit about my qualifications.


I am N.A.S.M.- C.P.T. National Academy of Sports Medicine- Certified Personal Trainer and

C.E.S. - Corrective Exercise Specialization

P.E.S. – Performance Enhancement Specialization

F.N.S. – Fitness Nutrition Specialization

B.C.S.- Behavior Change Specialization

W.L.S.- Weight Loss Specialization

Cardio Kickboxing, DOT-FIT, and C.P.R./A.E.D certified. I am also insured.


First, I can offer you six days or more a week of group work out sessions, and I am also available for individual sessions. I can also design classes to benefit your needs and I can do it on a schedule that works with you. These classes will include breathing techniques, flexibility, core, balance/stabilization, endurance, strength, and power. These classes are held at here at 7603 Antoine Dr./ White Oak Conference Center.


I believe that anyone can achieve great strength and fitness. For me, building a great rapport with you is the first step. From there I can understand your needs and move you as quickly as possible towards your maximum fitness level.

Attire:  Comfortable workout clothes and proper workout shoes (tights or biking pants should be worn underneath shorts) and a large towel for all the sweating that we are going to do.

Thank you being part of “TEAM CISCO”


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