Small Group Workout Class 


This class is an overall fitness class that pertains to
balance, coordination, breathing, flexibility, strength endurance, free weights and some machines. All fitness levels welcome.

1 hour
$15 a class and a minimum of a 10 session purchase.​

Private Stretch Session $120


This class will take you through the fundamentals of stretching. You will learn proper form of poses and proper lengths of time to hold a stretch. We will work on breathing techniques, primary muscles, ligaments, and tendons of different body parts. All fitness levels welcome.

Private 1 on 1 Session in the comfort of your home.
Price depends on location.
Private Stretch One on One


This is a one on one private stretch session at the
studio. I place you on a stretch table and give you a FULL BODY stretch out.

1 hour
$15 a class and a minimum of a 10 session purchase.

Virtual One on One

This is one on one private online training session through IPhone/MacBook/IPad/FaceTime or Skype in the privacy of your own home/hotel. If you have exercise equipment at home/hotel it is a plus but I can give you a workout using your own body weight. *I will provide you with a small clip on fish eye lens to attach on your device.

1 hour
$65 a session and a minimum of a 10 session purchase.

Kids Class

This is a once a week class held on Saturdays from 7:15am to 7:45am(30mins). Ages 5-12, this class teaches kids basic workout essentials. They will learn proper form, breathing techniques, stretching and over fun. NO weight lifting.


30minute class
$10 a class and a minimum of a 10 session purchase.

*All these prices are set only for the studio at the White Oak Conference Center and are subject to change.